She Kills Monsters

She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realm

Directed by Kelsey Weinstein

Original Score by Eric J. Weinstein

Featuring: Maria Kashapata, Iris Perry, Jace Ceyanes, Julia Yancey, Anthony Carro, Crystal Reed-Stokes, Chayce Mims, Megan Simcox, Sam Gianfala, Hazel Kachline, Sadie Fisher, Kaitlin Weinstein, Eric J. Weinstein.

She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms was the very first formal production for Little Renegade Productions. We formed our company in October of 2019, and we had some grand plans for 2020. Enter the pandemic, and our plans got tossed out of the window. While we searched for a way to keep our dream alive, we came across a new edition of one of our favorite shows that was redesigned to be performed via online video conferencing.